How to Change Snapchat’s AI Gender [Guide]

Snapchat’s AI gender-changing feature offers a unique platform for users to transform their avatar’s appearance. Whether for entertainment or self-discovery, this tool provides an exciting way to experiment with your digital identity.

Going through through Bitmoji settings, you can easily customize your avatar. An updated app version allows access to this and other features.

Understanding the Snapchat AI Filter

Before you dive into changing the AI gender on Snapchat, it’s crucial to understand that the app offers a variety of AI filters, each with unique features and functionalities. These Snapchat AI filters are designed to modify your appearance in fun and creative ways, with the Snapchat AI gender being one of the most popular.

When you decide to change your Snapchat AI gender, you’re essentially customizing your avatar. This customization process is simple and intuitive. You’ll start by navigating to the Bitmoji section of the app. From there, you can edit your avatar’s features, including its gender.

Remember, the changes you make aren’t permanent. You can always revert to your original avatar or try a new look whenever possible. This flexibility allows you to experiment with different avatars until you find one that truly represents you.

As you browse through Snapchat’s AI features, you’ll discover that the Snapchat AI gender filter offers more than just a gender switch. It’s a tool that encourages creativity, self-expression, and, most importantly, fun.

How to Change the AI Gender in Snapchat

You’ll need just five simple steps to change your Snapchat AI gender. This exciting feature lets you customize your AI chatbot’s appearance to your liking.

First, launch the Snapchat app on your mobile device. Then, navigate to your profile by clicking on the Bitmoji icon at the top-left corner of the screen. This will take you to the ‘Snapchat my ai’ section.

Once there, tap on the Bitmoji header. This action will open a new screen where you can alter the look of your AI on Snapchat. Look for the ‘Change My Bitmoji Selfie‘ option and tap on it. This is where the fun begins!

You’ll now see a range of features you can customize. To change the gender, select the gender option and choose your preferred gender. You can also tweak other aspects like hair, eyes, and clothing to make your AI chatbot truly unique.

gender snapchat 1

Finally, remember to hit the ‘Save’ button to ensure your changes are stored. Voila! You’ve successfully changed your Snapchat AI gender.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Access My AI Profile:
    • Navigate to the Chats section from the bottom navigation bar and go to My AI chat, then tap on its profile picture​.
    • Alternatively, click your profile icon and scroll down to find the “My AI” feature, then tap “My AI” to go to the friendship profile with your AI chatbot​.
  2. Customize My AI:
    • Click on the “Gender” option and select your preferred gender from the list, then click “Save” to apply the changes​​.
    • You may also find a ‘Customize‘ option where you can select ‘Avatar’, choose the gender you prefer, and use tabs to customize facial features like skin tone​.
    • Another path could be to tap on the Bitmoji icon in the top left corner of the screen, then tap on the three dots in the top right corner and select “Customize My AI.” Once you are finished customizing your AI, tap on “Save” to save your changes​.

Enjoy playing with this feature and making your AI chatbot your very own avatar.

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