The Best AI Image Generators For Your Needs (7 AI Tools Tested)

AI Image Generation

An AI image generator is a software tool that creates visual content based on textual descriptions. It employs artificial intelligence, especially deep learning algorithms, to interpret and visualize the provided text input. This technology assists users by turning their ideas or descriptions into visual representations, saving time and effort compared to traditional image creation methods.

It’s particularly helpful for those who lack artistic skills or need quick visual content, aiding in tasks ranging from creative design to educational purposes. The AI’s ability to generate diverse and imaginative images makes it a versatile tool for various applications.

Understanding AI Image Generators

AI image generators are remarkable tools that use complex algorithms to create unique images. But how they do it and the different varieties available may surprise you. Dive in to learn more about these intriguing programs!

How they work

AI image generators perform their magic by utilizing trained artificial neural networks. This results from leaps and bounds in advancements of artificial intelligence, deep learning models, and computer vision.

Their job is to create images entirely from scratch based on given prompts.

Users need to learn about prompt engineering, a fascinating process that involves preparing specific instructions or guidelines for the AI system.

Once the users tests the crafted prompts, the AI image generator begins transforming them into visually stunning creations. AI image generators offer numerous advantages worth exploring for anyone seeking to revolutionize visual content creation!

Different types

Artificial Intelligence plays a significant role in the world of digital marketing, especially in visual content creation. Let’s dive into understanding the different types of AI image generators.

  1. Text-to-Image AI: It translates written descriptions into visually appealing images, making it popular among bloggers and social media marketers.
  2. Art Generators: Known for their creative abilities, these tools like ArtBreeder allow users to customize images extensively and create digital masterpieces.
  3. Character Designers: Ideal for game developers or cartoon illustrators, this type fabricates unique characters based on user-inputted parameters.
  4. Landscape Generators: These generate breathtaking landscapes – perfect for travel websites or nature-themed blog posts.
  5. Animal Image Generators: These are useful in creating images of animals, bringing vivid pictures of exotic wildlife straight to your screen without any real-life photography involved.

Choosing the Right AI Image Generator

ai image generated
generated with Midjourney

Selecting the ideal AI image generator can be tricky with numerous options available, but carefully evaluating your specific needs and understanding various software functionalities can help.

First, we’ll dive into the process of identifying your requirements and application for an AI image generator. It comes down to understanding what you need from this tool. Are you looking to create unique illustrations, quirky cartoons, or perhaps NFT artworks? Maybe your emphasis falls on image customization options; in that case, a platform like ArtBreeder could be just what you’re after.

Different categories of AI image generators fill various needs, so familiarize yourself with their specialties.

On the other hand, remember that AI-generated images differ substantially from those found using image-sourcing tools; it’s about creating something new rather than seeking preexisting content.

The Best AI Image Generators

Let’s see the top AI image generators on the market right now. Keep in mind that these generators differ significantly in output, functionality, and price range.


Canva is probably the most popular design tool on the market right now. While it’s not an AI image generator specifically, within the last year, Canva added a lot of AI powered-tools in its arsenal, allowing you to modify and generate specific elements and even designs.

canva dashboard

Whether you need a presentation, a video, or a image to share on any social network, Canva has the right tools to make that extremely easy.


Midjourney is an innovative AI image generation tool, designed to transform textual descriptions into vivid, detailed images. It operates by analyzing text prompts provided by users and then uses advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to create visual representations of those prompts. This tool stands out for its ability to produce highly artistic and varied images, catering to a wide range of styles and subjects. Users can input almost any descriptive text, and Midjourney will generate a corresponding image, making it a powerful tool for artists, designers, educators, and anyone seeking visual inspiration or representation.

midjourney site

The tool’s advanced algorithms are capable of generating images that range from realistic to fantastical, offering high levels of customization in terms of style, color, and composition. We’ve written a guide about Midjourney and we’ve followed with some prompt engineering and advice to get the most out of this extremely powerful AI tool. If you need to create art, or you just need an image for a blog post, Midjourney will impress you.


DALL-E is another great AI image generation tool, very similar to Midjourney. The model was created by OpenAI, creators of the now known ChatGPT (or GPT model). DALL-E is able to generate images that accurately represent specific details, styles, and concepts mentioned in the user’s text prompt. The tool can create everything from realistic photographs to surrealistic art, making it a versatile asset for various creative and professional applications.

DALL E generator

Compared to Midjourney, DALL-E has the ability to interpret nuances and details better, making it a very versatile tool to have in your arsenal. And since DALL-E is included in any ChatGPT subscription, it can bring more value to you, if you are already using, or plan to use, ChatGPT 4 and the newer models.

Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion is an AI-driven text-to-image generation model, similar to Midjourney or DALL-E. It transforms textual descriptions into detailed images, offering a wide range of creative applications. The process is straightforward: users input a descriptive text prompt, and the model generates a corresponding image based on that description.

To use Stable Diffusion, users typically access it through platforms or applications that have integrated the model. After entering a text prompt, the AI processes the input and produces an image. The level of detail and specificity in the prompt can significantly influence the accuracy and creativity of the generated image.

stable diffusion

The main strengths of Stable Diffusion compared to other popular AI image generators are:

  1. Accessibility and Open-Source Nature: Unlike some AI models that are proprietary, Stable Diffusion is open-source. This allows a broader range of developers and users to access, modify, and improve the model.
  2. Efficiency: Stable Diffusion is designed to be efficient in terms of computational resources. This makes it more accessible to users without high-end hardware, broadening its usability.
  3. Flexibility and Creativity: The model’s capability to interpret and visualize a wide range of text prompts allows for a high degree of creativity. Users can experiment with various styles and concepts, which the model can visualize with impressive detail.
  4. Continuous Improvement: Being open-source, Stable Diffusion benefits from contributions and improvements from a global community of developers. This leads to regular updates and enhancements, ensuring the model stays at the forefront of AI-driven image generation technology.
  5. Customization Potential: Developers and users can customize and fine-tune Stable Diffusion to suit specific needs or projects. This level of customization is a significant advantage for specialized applications.

Some of the best sites that incorporate this AI model are HuggingFace, DreamStudio (from the creators of Stable Diffusion) or Dezgo. There more resources that use this AI model, including software that you can install and use your own hardware. However, keeping this guide beginner friendly, we’ll refer only to the best and easiest web versions.


Craiyon, known previously as DALL-E mini, is an AI-based image generation tool. Its standout feature is the ability to create images from textual descriptions. This ability makes Craiyon an incredibly versatile tool, suitable for various applications ranging from generating visual content for social media to aiding in creative brainstorming sessions.


In comparison to Midjourney and DALL-E, Craiyon differentiates itself through its accessibility and simplicity. While Midjourney and DALL-E are known for their high-quality, almost artistic outputs, Craiyon is more user-friendly and approachable for casual users or those new to AI image generation.

This distinction is particularly beneficial for individuals or small businesses who may not require the advanced capabilities of Midjourney or DALL-E but still want to use the power of AI for image creation. Craiyon’s ease of use and straightforward interface allow users to quickly generate images without a steep learning curve, making it a popular choice for educational purposes, content creation on a budget, or simply for entertainment and exploration of AI capabilities.


For those looking to create art, NightCafe is an excellent AI tool for this purpose.

Unlike Craiyon for example, which primarily focuses on simplicity and ease of use, NightCafe offers a broader range of customization options. This makes it appealing to users who want more control over the creative process while still benefiting from the efficiency of AI.

nightcafe ai

NightCafe’s distinct advantage over tools like Craiyon lies in its advanced features. Users have the option to tweak various aspects of the image generation process, such as style, detail, and color. These customizable parameters cater to users who have specific visions or requirements for their AI-generated artwork, ranging from creating unique digital art to generating visuals for specific visions.

The platform’s user-friendly interface maintains accessibility, but its advanced options cater to a more diverse user base, including those with more experience in digital art or those seeking more detailed and customized AI-generated images. NightCafe, therefore, finds its niche in balancing user-friendliness with advanced features, positioning it as a versatile tool in the AI art generation landscape.

Runway AI

Runway, another prominent AI-based creative tool, distinguishes itself in the landscape of AI art and design platforms with its comprehensive suite of features. Unlike Craiyon, which prioritizes simplicity and user-friendliness, and Midjourney and DALL-E, known for their high-quality image outputs, Runway offers a more holistic and versatile creative experience.

runway ai

Runway’s standout feature is its broad range of functionalities that extend beyond just image generation. It integrates various AI models for tasks like video editing, 3D modeling, and even real-time collaborative projects. This makes Runway particularly appealing for professionals in fields like graphic design, video production, and digital art, where a multifaceted tool can significantly streamline workflows.

While Midjourney and DALL-E excel in producing visually stunning images, Runway provides a more expansive set of tools, allowing for a wider range of creative possibilities. Its appeal lies in its capacity to not only generate images but also to manipulate and enhance existing media, offering a comprehensive platform for creative exploration and production.

There you have it, our picks for the best AI image generators currently on the market. Evidently, there are a lot more to be tested, and since the AI landscape is expanding daily, we will probably get a lot more tools to play with in the near future.

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