Best AI Story Generators: Automate Your Writing Process

AI story writer

AI story generators use machine learning algorithms to produce narrative content, drawing from patterns they recognize through analyzing vast amounts of text. They can mimic stylistic elements from human authors, creating coherent and imaginative writing pieces.

Authors may find these generators useful, especially during writer’s block, as they can provide a springboard for creativity by suggesting ideas or even producing whole sections of text on demand. Using these tools, writers can gain new perspectives on their work, see unexpected connections between themes or characters, and accelerate the writing process by quickly generating material that can be refined into a final draft.

Moreover, the technology behind AI story generators continues to improve, allowing for more sophisticated and nuanced text generation that can be a significant asset for authors in the storytelling process.


  • AI story generators are machine learning tools that create engaging narratives quickly and efficiently.
  • These generators use artificial intelligence to produce unique stories across different genres and styles.
  • Paid story generators like Sassbook AI Story Writer and NovelAI help writers craft compelling content by managing complex novel elements.
  • Free options like Quicktools by Picsart, Novel Studio,, and AI Writer also offer great support for writers without any cost.

What is an AI Story Generator?

An AI Story Generator is an advanced tool that leverages artificial intelligence, particularly machine learning and natural language processing methods, to automatically create engaging and realistic narratives in various styles and genres.

In short, an AI story generator is a computer-based tool designed to create narratives based on given prompts by the user.

With several of these tools readily available on the market, writers can enjoy an efficient writing process.

Key Benefits

AI story generators offer several benefits to individuals and professionals in creative fields. They can significantly speed up the initial drafting process by providing a structured narrative based on the user prompt. This is particularly useful for overcoming writer’s block or generating creative ideas when starting a new project.

Efficiency and speed

AI story generators bring impressive efficiency and speed to content creation. We’re talking about automation at its finest here, guys. It’s all about producing high-quality stories in a fraction of the time compared to traditional writing methods.

Imagine developing captivating narratives within minutes rather than hours or days! That means you can generate more stories without feeling over-encumbered by tasks that often slow down your creative process.

AI-powered story generators also allow you to explore various genres and styles, extending your storytelling prowess. We all know AI chatbots often hallucinate if given broader prompts. Imagine using that power in a storytelling context..right?

Not only do these tools bring diversity in genres, but they also serve an assortment of writing styles.

As a writer myself, I’m constantly amazed with how many writing styles different AI chatbots can offer. And I’m not even talking about custom AI generators.

I ran a test with ChatGPT 4 to write children’s literature, and the story and plot generated was incredible. Needless to say, I’m a bit more creative that I was before, only because I’m offered bits and pieces of information that can click at the right time. Trying out various literary styles is just awesome.

Best AI Story Generators

Let’s start with the paid AI story generators first. These services often offer more AI tools and features, simplifying the process. They also bundle additional writing tools or collaborating features, making them more valuable for you, the writer.

Plot Factory

Plot Factory is designed as a comprehensive tool for writers, enabling them to draft their narratives across various devices seamlessly. It goes beyond basic text editing, offering a structured environment where authors can meticulously organize details about characters and the settings of their fictional universes.

plot factory

The platform promotes collaboration through its online story planner, creating a space where writers can jointly plan, organize, and craft their narratives. One of its defining features is the Plot Organizer, which guides writers in structuring their stories into acts and plot events, blending a structured approach with the freedom for individual creativity.

Its mobile-friendly nature ensures writers can access their work anytime, making it a versatile tool for drafting and organizing narratives, irrespective of location​.

The AI story telling tool isn’t very expensive either and it offers a free trial to test it out.

PlanPriceKey Features
BasicFree– 1 Story & 1 Universe
– Dark Mode
– Automated Backups
– Daily Goal Tracking
– Thesaurus Lookup
– Audio Narrations (250 words/day)
Hobbyist$9/month or $90/year– Unlimited Stories & Universes
– Remove Ads
– Character Sheets
– Audio Narrations (1000 words/day)
Enthusiast$14/month or $140/year– Plot Organizer
– Story Questionnaires
– Sidebar Quick Viewer
– Audio Narrations (Unlimited)
Novelist$19/month or $190/year– ePub Format Exports
– Story Drafts/Versioning
– Advanced Word Analysis
– Beats Mode
– Audio Narrations (Unlimited)
– Export story as mp3
– Collaborative Features: Real Time Inline comments, Change Tracking, Collaborative Writing

Sassbook AI Story Writer

Sassbook AI Story Writer is a very good AI story generator that helps writers rapidly generate unique, original story content based on their own prompts. 

Sassbook AI Story Writer

It is designed to produce well-written fiction that stands out, regardless of the writer’s skill level.The main features of Sassbook AI Story Writer include:

  • AI Story Generation: The AI Story Writer can generate unique, high-quality fiction content based on user prompts3. This feature can be a great help to writers who are experiencing writer’s block or need inspiration for their stories.
  • Variety of Genres: The AI Story Writer supports several story genres, providing many options for writers to explore.
  • AI Paraphraser/AI Rewriter: This feature allows writers to paraphrase or rewrite their content to adapt it to different use cases or audiences. It can rewrite and rephrase articles much like an expert human and allows varying degrees of change by adjusting the Variance setting.
  • Interoperability with Other Sassbook AI Tools: The AI Story Writer is designed to interoperate with other Sassbook AI tools, such as the AI Writer, AI Summarizer, and AI Headline Generator. This interoperability simplifies and accelerates the content generation and repurposing process for writers.

Sassbook AI Story Writer can be a valuable tool for book writers. It can help them generate new story ideas, overcome writer’s block, and adapt content for different audiences or use cases. Furthermore, its interoperability with other Sassbook AI tools allows writers to streamline their content generation and repurposing process, saving them time and effort.

Sassbook AI Story Writer offers multiple pricing plans with a free trial version available for testing the platform.

PlanPriceKey Features
Free$0– Words per generation: 50
– Candidates per generation: 2
– Generations per day: 20
– Pages per summarization: 2.5
– Summaries per day: 15
– Pages per paraphrase generation: 0.3
– Paraphrase generations per day: 10
– Pages per headline generation: 0.5
– Headline generations per day: 10
Standard$32.5/month, billed yearly– Words per generation: 70
– Candidates per generation: 4
– Generations per day: Unlimited
– Pages per summarization: 10
– Summaries per day: Unlimited
– Pages per paraphrase generation: 10
– Paraphrase generations per day: Unlimited
– Pages per headline generation: 1.6
– Headline generations per day: Unlimited
Premium$49.16/month, billed yearly– Words per generation: 100
– Candidates per generation: 6
– Generations per day: Unlimited
– Pages per summarization: 20
– Summaries per day: Unlimited
– Pages per paraphrase generation: 20
– Paraphrase generations per day: Unlimited
– Pages per headline generation: 1.6
– Headline generations per day: Unlimited


NovelAI is a service designed to augment the creative process of writers through the utilization of Artificial Intelligence (AI). It provides an environment where individuals can generate unique narratives, visualize characters, and tailor their writing experience based on personal preferences or specific project needs​.


It employs advanced language models and AI algorithms to produce human-like text based on the input provided by the user, which can be particularly beneficial in crafting quality literature. This function not only aids in generating captivating content but also serves as a tool to emulate the styles of famous writers or even create visual representations of characters and story scenes​​.

One of the notable features of NovelAI is the Lorebook, where writers can compile and store information regarding the worlds and characters they are developing. This feature is complemented by a Text Adventure Module that allows for editor customization, including adjustments to fonts, sizes, and color schemes. Additionally, NovelAI offers specific AI modules that can be drawn upon to replicate certain themes or styles, and there’s even an option to train the AI with personal data to achieve a more personalized output​.

Moreover, NovelAI encourages collaboration by allowing sharing and working on documents with others. It also provides export options, making managing and transferring content across different platforms​easier. The platform is built to speed up the content creation process and inspire and help overcome writer’s block, thereby serving as a valuable tool for both professional and aspiring writers​​. Through these features and benefits, NovelAI aids writers in enhancing storytelling, generating fresh ideas, and overcoming creative hurdles.

As with the other paid AI generators, NovelAI comes with a diverse pricing plan and includes a free tier.

TierPrice (USD per month)AI AccessText GenerationsTokens of MemoryExtra Goodies
Paper (Free Trial)FreeAccess to Kayra, their top of the line AI Storyteller100 Free Text Generations6144 Tokens (~24576 characters)100 Free TTS Generations
Tablet$10Access to Kayra, their top of the line AI StorytellerUnlimited Text Generations3072 Tokens (~12288 characters)1000 Anlas (Refilled every month, for Custom AI Module training and Image Generation), Advanced AI TTS, Image Generation
Scroll (Best Value)$15Access to Kayra, their top of the line AI StorytellerUnlimited Text Generations6144 Tokens (~24576 characters)1000 Anlas (Refilled every month, for Custom AI Module training and Image Generation), Advanced AI TTS, Image Generation
Opus (For the Enthusiast)$25Access to Kayra, their top of the line AI StorytellerUnlimited Text Generations8192 Tokens (~32768 characters)10,000 Anlas (Refilled every month, for Custom AI Module training and Image Generation), Access to new Experimental Features, Advanced AI TTS, Unlimited Image Generation (for images of up to 640×640 pixels and up to 28 steps when generating a single image)

Novel Studio

Novel Studio is a free comprehensive writing assistant tailored for authors that enables authors to focus more on their creativity and less on the technicalities of narrative structure​. Novel Studio is a tool part of a larger collection of AI tools from Toolsaday.

Novel Studio

One of the notable features of Novel Studio is its ability to manage and auto-generate various aspects of your novel, including plot, characters, outlines, and chapters, thanks to its AI-powered capabilities. It’s designed as a personal writing studio equipped with features that aid in transforming creative ideas into compelling narratives. Novel Studio can create narratives that are engaging, consistent, and tailored to the author’s unique writing style, enhancing storytelling capabilities and making the process less daunting, especially for first-time authors​​.

Moreover, the tool provides a structured approach to writing, enabling a smooth narrative flow and well-developed characters. It helps maintain a coherent plotline, ensuring every twist and turn in the story is well-placed and contributes to the overall narrative. This structured approach makes the novel-writing process more manageable and enjoyable, regardless of the author’s experience level​.

Additionally, one of the standout features is its ability to auto-generate chapters. This feature can create up to 10 chapters of your novel, creating a uniform writing style and pacing throughout. This is part of the efforts to assist authors in creating complete novels while maintaining the uniqueness and individuality of each author’s writing style​​.


Squibler is a digital platform that assists writers across different genres and professional fields. It is an excellent tool for writers working on books, screenplays, or those who need an organized space to manage their writing projects.


Organizational Capabilities

  • Chapter Creation: Squibler enables the creation of individual chapters within a draft, which is beneficial as it allows writers to work on chapters separately rather than simultaneously deal with large chunks of text.
  • Drag-and-Drop Organization: The platform facilitates the easy organization of chapters, notes, and ideas through a simple drag-and-drop feature, making it easier to arrange your work according to your preferences.
  • Project Visualization: Writers can create individual scenes or chapters, which helps visualize screenplays or books from different angles, providing clarity on structure, plot points, and character development.

Writing Aids

  • Template Selection: Squibler offers over 30 outline templates, so you don’t have to start your draft from scratch. You can choose a template that closely matches your project and start working on it immediately.
  • AI Story Generator: This feature helps craft unique narratives instantly, which can be a boon when looking for a spark of inspiration or when working on novels, scripts, or screenplays.

Collaborative Environment

  • Squibler provides features for inviting others to review, edit, and collaborate on your work, which is essential for team projects or getting feedback from peers.

AI-Powered Smart Writer:

  • A notable feature is that if you reach a particular scene and don’t want to write it out, you can describe what you want, and the smart writer assists in drafting it out for you. This is an excellent feature if you have the writer’s block or simply lack the inspiration.

Squibler offers a robust free version, although a premium version is available for those seeking additional features and fewer restrictions. The platform is a well-rounded AI tool for writers looking for an organized, collaborative, and creatively stimulating environment for their writing projects.

Cost (per month)$0$20 ($16 if billed annually)
Smart Writer AI6000 words/monthUnlimited
AI Visualize5 images/monthUnlimited
Editors (Files, Projects)15 files, 1 projectUnlimited files and projects
Version History30 daysUnlimited
Elements8 (no grouping)Unlimited (with grouping)
Sharing PermissionsEdit onlyView, Comment, and Edit
Technical SupportWithin 5-7 daysOn priority (within 24 hours)
Export OptionsPDFPDF, Kindle, Word, Text
Memory Limit250 MBUnlimited


Rytr is one of those AI writing tools that has multiple uses and was also featured in our best AI writing tools guide we recently wrote.

rytr story generator

Through its Story Plot Generator feature, Rytr provides a structured approach for those looking to craft narratives or plot outlines for books and novels. The process is outlined in four straightforward steps:

  1. Language Selection: Initially, users select the language in which they want the output, with over 30 languages available.
  2. Tone Selection: Subsequently, a tone of voice for the content is chosen from over 20 tones ranging from casual to convincing.
  3. Use Case Selection: Within the application, users select ‘Story Plot‘ from the dropdown menu under the use cases section, encompassing over 40 use cases and content types across 30+ languages.
  4. Input Addition: Lastly, users provide keywords, phrases, or titles as input, and by clicking “Ryte for me” Rytr generates creative plot outlines based on the provided story ideas. Users can continue to generate more variants until they are satisfied with the output.

For instance, by inputting the story idea, “The time when I couldn’t distinguish AI from humans,” and clicking “Ryte for me,” users are instantly presented with an AI-generated plot outline. In another example, with the story topic “Superheroes defend planet earth from aliens trying to kill humans,” Rytr outlined a creative narrative involving an alien invasion, human-created superheroes, a tragic event that changes public perception of superheroes, followed by a redemptive arc during a subsequent alien invasion​​.

This structured and user-friendly approach aids aspiring writers and novelists overcome initial hurdles of plot development, offering a springboard from which more detailed and intricate storylines can be developed.

Rytr offers several affordable pricing plans including a free plan.

PlanPrice per MonthPrice per YearFeatures
Free$0$0– Generate 10k characters per month
– Access 40+ use-cases
– Write in 30+ languages
– Access 20+ tones
– Built in plagiarism checker
– Generate up to 5 images per month with AI
– Access to premium community
Saver$9$90 (2 months free)– Generate 100k characters per month
– Access 40+ use-cases
– Write in 30+ languages
– Access 20+ tones
– Built in plagiarism checker
– Generate up to 20 images per month with AI
– Access to premium community
– Create your own custom use-case
Unlimited$29$290 (2 months free)– Unlimited characters per month
– Access 40+ use-cases
– Write in 30+ languages
– Access 20+ tones
– Built in plagiarism checker
– Generate up to 100 images per month with AI
– Access to premium community
– Create your own custom use-case
– Dedicated account manager
– Priority email & chat support

As you can see, many AI tools can help you write stories and novels with ease. While most of these tools are behind a paywall, it’s worth mentioning that you can also write with ChatGPT 4 or Claude 2, but it involves a bit of prompt engineering and we’ll write an article soon on how to write stories using these tools.