Privacy Policy

We value the privacy of our visitors so please read the privacy policy below, before using TECHCURSE.


Cookies are small files downloaded to your computer when you visit websites, designed to improve the user experience. Below we will explain how TECHCURSE uses cookies and what information they contain.

TECHCURSE relies on cookies to provide certain functionalities to visitors, as well as to customize their experience while visiting the website. Standard industry practices makes it impossible for some features to be usable without cookies.


Collected Information

Personally identifying information we collect from users is the personal data they enter when creating an account on our website or registering to receive our newsletter. We use this data to customize access to our website on a per-user basis, as well as to remember your personal preferences, commenting history and for using other features available only to registered members.

If you contact us directly (such as via email or our contact form) we may collect this data in a file linked to you. We may also correlate the information you provide via direct correspondence with your user account.

TECHCURSE also collects aggregated data on website usage which includes information on traffic patterns and various statistics which is not personally identifiable.


Third Party Advertisement Providers

TECHCURSE displays ads on our website via third-party advertising companies. These companies may also collect data regarding your visits to our website, as well as other websites to provide relevant advertisements about products and services you might be interested in.

In general, the information collected by third-party advertisement providers is not personally identifiable unless you specifically provide them such details. We recommend you read the privacy policies of these third-parties for which we cannot be held responsible.



We employ the latest security standards to ensure the privacy of your data. However, we cannot be held liable for intercepted or accessed data that is not under the control of this website. Also, users are fully responsible for the security of their login credentials (i.e usernames and passwords) and must not disclose them to anyone else.

Also, TECHCURSE does not share, sell, transfer or provide access to any data our users provide us with. All personally identifiable data we receive from our users is employed to deliver a personal and optimized experience when using our website and will never be used for other purposes.