Top 5 free system information tools

There’s a huge variety of computer problems that require a deeper analysis of the system. The problem is, some system information is not easy to access without a specialized app. If you ever need to take a look at this type of data you should know there are quite a few free system information tools you can use.

These applications provide details related to your computer’s hardware, the┬átemperature of various components, RAM information and much more.

Top 5 free system information tools

Our list contains only free system information tools simply because they’re good enough to get the job done in most cases so you don’t need to buy an app for this purpose.


Speccy is a super friendly system information utility created by Piriform, the same software company that developed the popular CCleaner but also other well-known tools such as Defraggler and Recuva.

If you’ve ever used CCleaner, you’ll feel familiar with Speccy’s interface right away as it has the same practical design. You can view essential information in several areas of interest such as memory, graphics, the operating system and storage devices on a dedicated summary page. To find out more about a certain category you simply need to click on it in the right-hand pane.

One of the most interesting features provided by Speccy is the ability to send your system specs to a public web page which can be shared with anyone. However, you can also save all that information to a file or send it to the printer.

System Information for Windows (SIW)

On top of being free, SIW is also portable which means it’s perfect if you want to view system information without having to install a tool for that. While SIW is primarily a system information utility, it also provides details about your installed applications.

The app organized the information into Software, Hardware, and Network sections, each of these having their own subcategories. Expect to view a ton of details – because of all the info that needs to be fetched you might need to wait a bit for it to be displayed after you run the program.

Last but not least, you can export a summary report of all essential software and hardware information as an HTML document. However, you should be aware SIW only works with Windows XP, 2000, Vista and 7, so if you’re a Windows 8 or Windows 10 user there are other options for you in our roundup.


CPU, memory, motherboard, network, display, audio and other components’ details are displayed in HWiNFO, just like in other system information apps. The program also lets you keep an eye on the current and average speed of the CPU, RAM and hard drive in a sensor status window.

Also, it’s possible to create report files for all or just a selection of system components and you can create automated reporting with audio notifications when sensors go over a user-defined threshold. While there are other more detailed apps, HWiNFO works on all recent (and not so recent) Windows versions, ranging from XP to Windows 10 and it’s extremely easy to use.

PC Wizard 2015

PC Wizard 2015 is perhaps the most comprehensive system information tool on our list. The app lets you easily copy single lines of information to the clipboard, plus you can create custom reports which can be saved to your computer for later analysis.

The program displays essential and advanced details about internal and external hardware components, but also lets you view numerous operating system information. This is another app that doesn’t support Windows 10 since it only runs on Windows WP, Vista, 7 and 8.


ASTRA32 is also a feature-rich system information utility that neatly organizes the information into categories and subcategories such as motherboard, CPU, BIOS, memory, storage and so on.

Moreover, the app provides a live monitoring area where you can view the usage and temperature of several components. You can also view all the details about your operating system and hardware in the system summary section.

ASTRA32 is actually not free – it works as a demo app, although it’s quite functional and certainly worth using. Sadly, this is another app that doesn’t provide Windows 10 support (at least not yet), but you can use it on Windows XP, 200, Server 2003 and s008, 7, and 8.