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How to enable or disable Network Discovery in Windows 10

In Windows 10, Microsoft is moving more and more options previously available in the Control Panel to the new Settings app. If you’ve been used to changing most system settings in Control Panel, you might be puzzled if you’re trying to enable or disable Network Discovery in Windows 10.

Many network options are now available only in the Settings app, and changing your computer’s visibility in the local network is different in Windows 10, compared to Windows 8.1 and 7.

When you log into your user account for the first time, the OS will prompt you to select the type of network you’re connecting to, which can be Home or Public. If you choose the Home network, Windows 10 will enable network discovery and set it up as a private network. For a Public network, there will be limitations regarding access and discovery.

How to enable or disable Network Discovery in Windows 10

Nevertheless, you can enable or disable Network Discovery in Windows 10 regardless which type of network you’re using.

If you’re connected to a WiFi network open the Settings app and navigate to Network & Internet¬†-> Wi-Fi. If you want to configure the network you’re currently connected to, click on its name. If you want to configure a different network you’ve been connected to in the past, click on the ‘Manage known networks’ option, select it and click on ‘Properties’.

On the following screen, you simply need to enable the option called “Make this PC discoverable” and your computer will become visible in the selected local network. Similarly, if you need to disable Network Discovery then make sure that option is turned off.

For a wired network connection, you would need to go to Settings -> Network & Internet -> Ethernet and click on the network’s name displayed at the top of the right pane. On the next screen, you would get the ability to enable or disable the option called “Make this PC discoverable”.

The steps are similar to the ones required for a WiFi network, except that if the connection is wired you will be able to access it in the Ethernet section, not in the Wi-Fi area.

Keep in mind that with Network Discovery disabled you won’t be able to access the Windows network from other computers until you turn it back on.